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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rally against Kinder-Morgan at Colony Farm

A hot, sunny day at Colony farm for the event, which went well except for a few issues with the audio system, ( always seems the way ! )

Elaine Golds of the Burke Mountain Naturalists hosted the event, with Ben West, of ForestEthics ; Fin Donnelly, MP New Westminster-Coquitlam and Port Moody; the always passionate Joe Foy, of the Wilderness Committee; Sav Dhaliwal, Burnaby councillor, and Mayor, Richard Stewart, and Craig Hodge, councillor of Coquitlam, providing inspirational speeches.

     Followed with some themed singing by the Solidarity Notes labour choir

Other groups spotted were Pipe Up network and the Let BC Vote campaign, which wants the public to be able to vote individually on many public policy issues.

     Also the Youth against Pipelines in our parks, was there, also the The green Party of Canada  had a table set up, being so close to "silly season" and all the wannabe and incumbents were tripping over each other for their voice to be heard.

One interesting thing that I noticed was that the Canadian Pacific Railway police were at the entrance to Colony Farm, where the tracks are, and it is apparently the possible staging site for the future Kinder-Morgan fiasco in the future, and on my way home from the event the RCMP were also there with the CPR officer.
I guess there must have been some anarchists, radicals or the like nearby at least I could not smell any tear gas.

Some photographs at Flickr of the event

Thursday, September 11, 2014

25 YEARS !!!

      The Naturalists had a twenty-five year anniversary celebration meeting at the regular monthly meeting. it was well attended, with over 70 members and supporters in attendance. Made me think about how much land the group has been able to save through the years.
It would be somewhere near 400 square kilometers, Burke-Pinecone Provincial Park is 380 square kilometers in area, and this would make the lands preserved with the help of other groups to be larger than 45 countries
I Like that idea.     Stay tuned for a 50 year anniversary celebration

Below are a few pictures taken at the event:

Also at Flickr

Original at Flickr

 Original at Flickr 

This fellow has a mountain named after him   Don Gillespie  Mount Gillespie   Apparently they normally do not name land features after living people, but by a coincidence, other unrelated Gillespie's had also explored the area in the past.  Norma Gillespie, Don's wife on the left, both are tireless supporters of BMN.