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Monday, October 28, 2013

NO to coal

No rest for the wicked they say, so to that end a few merry souls marched off to New West to host Take Back Our Port rally on Sunday   Beautiful weather too. 
Some background about the numerous issues facing the environment:    FRIDAY FEATURE: Port giant needs to step away from enviro table: Biologist, mayor;
Potential coal export expansion, aviation fuel delivery plan, tunnel replacement leads to question; how much power does Port Metro Vancouver have?

Numerous issues being debated as usual, never just a simple one task to be dealt with, but all with a common thread of potential damage to the environment we cherish.

A few of the numerous groups involved:  Voters Taking Action on Climate Change --- Wilderness Committee --- Dogwood Initiative --- BMN --- Texada Stickleback Group  --- Communitiesandcoal. . . .

Some of the television media coverage:  CBC:   Hundreds protest Fraser River coal facility
  GLOBAL:   Environmental groups, concerned residents, say ‘no to US coal’ and Surrey port expansion

Some pictures:
The Texada Stickleback under threat by the proposed expansion, and change of use of a LaFarge Canada Aggregate quarry on Texada Island to store the dirty coal.
( Larger Pic )

Fiberglass Killer Whale, chasing the paper mache Stickleback.
( Larger Pic )

Giant paper mache Sandpiper

Part of the BMN contingent.

Overlooking part of the crowd.
( Larger Pic )

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