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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mundy Park Forest management plan

      I have always struggled with the name; the small lake is officially named Munday Lake, which is the proper spelling , after the Munday family who at one time owned the entire Section of land (640 Acres)

But the misssss-spellllling persists, oh well.  Interesting family too, some real characters, well embedded into the local history of B.C., Washington state.

      Anyway the fiefdom of Coquitlam is undertaking some scheme to destroy portions of the park.
With the working title of the :   Mundy Park Forest Management Plan  --- Preliminary Concept   (PDF)

          Typical extreme paranoia about fire hazards, hopefully it will not end up looking like Ridge Park
oh, wait,  it probably will, maybe even worse, since there are many homes physically very close to the forest in Mundy Park.

I look forward to the day when the debate, and the typical $60,000 study that will follow it, starts to right a historic wrong and give the park back its rightful name of Munday Park.

Ah ,the smell of fresh cut trees, and two-cycle engine fumes...

In the local papers:   Debate begins over Mundy forest plan
As you will quickly understand by reading the article, Mundy Park, really does conjure up many diverse ideas and values to the users of it.

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