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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Nevergreen Line

Local Tri-City News reports:   Concerns raised about Evergreen construction on creeks
I have been documenting the destruction locally for quite some time now, and the Evergreen Line, folks were always saying all will be fine, and why not? It is a large project, and a sensible person would think that environmental damage will be diminished as much as possible; since there is supposedly a large team in place to deal with any issues as they arise.  Apparently though public relations is the cheaper way out, since as I found out today and at other times, just in a very small area, attempts at mitigating pollution were very sparse to non-existent on the ground.  Have a look at these photos taken today (March 6, 2014) in a very small section of Scott Creek.

Also from the Tri-City News, Big plans for Brunette, Pinetree
   Sounds quite silly to me, to want to turn Pinetree into some sort of grand entrance, stage set.  We have lost considerable tree cover along Pinetree with all the Evergreen Line, construction going on; But we have lost considerably more along the Scott Creek corridor, and along the edges of the C.P.R. mainline, leading to Port Moody which was much more valuable to the wildlife that remains around here, but as usual out of sight, out of mind. The odds of a tree ever being anything along Pinetree are next to nil, when the elevated line is completed, since as soon as it grows up a little, out come the saws to keep it away from the elevated line.  Trees at least would have a chance along the Scott Creek, C.P.R. corridor.   Only small specimen types of trees, would  possibly do well along Pinetree, but the sad part is that small trees are easily vandalized, and the evidence of that is easy to be found in the immediate area.

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