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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Weather the erosional weather storms

The City of Coquitlam, in its long and labouring process of attempting to deal with primarily construction activity erosion events, due to weak knowledge and Erosion and Sediment Control bylaws with no clout.

    Have installed a weather station near the top of Coast Meridian Road, actually just down Harper Road, at the Water tank, and named it the Burke Mountain Rain Gauge   at least now they will have a  better idea eventually about how to size the construction ponds, to deal with the high rainfall events. Probably too little too late, since it takes years to gather up very relevant data. 

 Pitt Meadows weather forecast, from Environment Canada, is a useful tool, but it is on the lowlands, and does not reflect what is happening at higher elevations.

Environment Canada also has a gauge on Como Lake Avenue, installed in 1972.

Some historical data:
There has been 480 weather stations within 100Km., of Burnaby. Some operated many years ago, sometimes for just a few years, but they all tell a story.

Today in 2014 there is 26 weather stations still active within a 50 Km radius of Burnaby (missed the newer station on Burke in this listing though. )

So when someone says it was raining cats and dogs, you can now say no, it rained 22mm, yesterday with certainty.

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