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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

BMN walk through Riverview

Last Sunday June 1, members of BMN, with our fearless leader Don G., led a group of nearly 40 through the Riverview grounds, visiting Finnies Garden, the old Orchard, and the Riverview Creek rearing ponds area.

A nice sunny day, and the arboretum was especially colourful, and we were lucky to see a small ephemeral pond that was providing a refuge to at least seven Western Toads.

 Update: Kiyoshi Takahashi shared his wonderful photos with us in this ALBUM

We all met at the HEY building  [ Larger picture ]

  Before we visited the Riverview Creek area we went up to "Doctor's Row" where a very good view can be seen of Colony Farm and Mary Hill, see a Panoramio photo of the view

Riverview Creek, rearing ponds area. [ Larger picture ]

Western toads in an ephemeral pond; How many can you SEE ?  [ Larger picture ]

One of the rearing ponds; settling in slowly but surely  [ Larger picture ]

 Walking out to the road  [ Larger picture ]

A fine day enjoyed by all; many thanks to Don Gillespie for leading us on the adventure.

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